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Chris T, Matu

  • 01 Chris T, Matu MJ Wisdom Original Mix
  • 02 Chris T, Matu MJ Wisdom Mario Da Ragnio Remix
  • 03 Chris T, Matu MJ Wisdom Ivan Fabris Remix
  • 04 Chris T, Matu Skorpio Rising Original Mix
  • 05 Chris T, Matu Crazy Lika Fox Original Mix

Daniele Pascale

  • 01 Daniele Pascale H2o Original Mix
  • 02 Daniele Pascale Regresso Original Mix
  • 03 Daniele Pascale, Andrea Dir Uotto Original Mix

Various Artists

  • 01 The Lion Brothers Everytime Original Mix
  • 02 Marka T Procureur Neef Original Mix
  • 03 Stephan Krus Distress Original Mix
  • 04 Marco.b Blick Original Mix

Lucio Cremasco

  • 01 Lucio Cremasco Let's Your Self Go Original Mix
  • 02 Lucio Cremasco Gemini Warriors Original Mix
  • 03 Lucio Cremasco Ghost Road Original Mix
  • 04 Devid Dega, Lucio Cremasco Passion Original Mix
  • In Wake Music 005 we present the italian Dj & Producer Lucio Cremasco, also resident dj in the Wake Music's project. The Ep contains 4 tracks, 3 original by Lucio Cremasco and 1 in collaboration with David Dega.

Giovanni Agugiaro

  • 01 Giovanni Agugiaro Hard Times Original Mix
  • 02 Giovanni Agugiaro High Rollin' Original Mix
  • 03 Giovanni Agugiaro Hard Times The Lion Brothers Remix
  • 04 Giovanni Agugiaro Hard Times Dennis Cruz Remix
  • In Wake Music 004 we present a Italian Dj & Producer Giovanni Agugiaro. The EP contains 2 orginal tracks and 2 Remix by The Lion Brothers and Dennis Cruz.


  • 01 AngelLopez Sakebi Original Mix
  • 02 AngelLopez Tenet is Symmetric Original Mix
  • 03 AngelLopez Sakebi Gianluca Caldarelli Remix
  • 04 AngelLopez Sakebi Mauro Alpha & Dalbe Remix
  • In wake music 003 we present a Dj and producer AngelLopez, his tracks are supported by big artists. The EP contains 2 orginal tracks and 2 amazing remix by GIANLUCA CALDARELLI AND Mauro Alpha & Dalbe. Published by GioMGB sarl Suisse.


  • 01 Avermass Chahay Original Mix
  • 02 Avermass Suacevito Original Mix
  • The Chilean dj & producer Avermass present his last work on Wake Music label, Cachay EP! The EP contains 2 original tracks: Cachay and Suavecito. Published by GioMBG sarl Suisse.


  • 01 Chube.Ka Grandmasterbass Original Mix
  • 02 Chube.Ka Grandmasterbass Javier Gonzalez, Afrobeat Remix
  • 03 Chube.Ka Grandmasterbass JUST2 Remix
  • 04 Chube.Ka Grandmasterbass The Lion Brothers Remix
  • Wake Music presents the first EP with italian producer DJ Chube.ka. This Release contain also two remixes from Javier Gonzalez & Afrobeat,Just2 and The Lion Brothers.Published by GioMBG sarl Suisse.


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