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  • 01 Hollen Amazonia Original Mix
  • 02 Agus Garcia Calzada Original Mix
  • 03 Paco Ymar I Know Original Mix
  • 04 Alex Giusti Carillon Original Mix
  • 05 White Brothers Midnight Original Mix
  • 06 Leonardo Gonnelli Modulation D Original Mix
  • 07 Bruno D'oliveira Speed Original Mix
  • 08 K.A.M.A. En La Cama Original Mix
  • 09 Manuel Rotondo Can't Stop Pagano Remix
  • 10 Enzo Tucci Carousel Ale Castro Remix
  • 11 Carlo Abbruzzese Between the Winds Original Mix
  • 12 Dany Cohiba, Iordee Miracom Smou Original Mix
  • 13 Carlo Cavalli, Eros Locatelli Mexico Massimo Russo Remix
  • 14 Baba Italy What Happenes Here Original Mix
  • 15 Presslaboys Pollo Arrosto Original Mix
  • 16 Stefano Kosa On Original Mix
  • 17 Evan Espinoza Fuss Original Mix
  • 18 Alex Di Stefano Yes Or Not Original Mix
  • 19 Matt Joe Droove Original Mix
  • 20 Cisky Push Original Mix
  • Shout Records Italy is a new reality used to carry out compilation of high workmanship destined to club music. Our spirit of work is to transmit energy to all those DJs who'll play this collection. Producer by Shout Records Italy C/o Lion Beat Recordings. a&r: Davide Di Blasi and Carlo Cavalli. Publishing by 2015 Carlo Cavalli Music Group edizioni musicali e discografiche [SGAE] | GioMBG sarl