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Fabrizio Noll

  • 01 Fabrizio Noll Thunder Original Mix
  • 02 Fabrizio Noll Back In The Days Original Mix
  • Written, Mixed and Produced by Fabrizio Noll for Reverse Music Label

Paolo Lunardi

  • 01 Paolo Lunardi Planet 808 Original Mix
  • 02 Paolo Lunardi Moment Original Mix
  • 03 Paolo Lunardi Quantum Original Mix
  • 04 Paolo Lunardi Doll Woman Original Mix

M. Criv

  • 01 M. Criv Phill Says Original Mix
  • 02 M. Criv Dark Spaces Original Mix

Various Artists

  • 01 Hollen Good Time Original Mix
  • 02 Fernando Campo Power Original Mix
  • 03 Raffaele Rizzi Advanced Original Mix
  • 04 Tony Dee, Jacopo Ferrari Acting Out Original Mix
  • 05 Wurtz Primera Vez Original Mix
  • 06 Gianluca Corsi Items Original Mix
  • 07 Sergio Del Lago Submarine Original Mix
  • 08 Resonant Kompakt Original Mix
  • 09 Francesco Romano Sinetrophia Original Mix
  • 10 Mohabitat Deep Lies Original Mix
  • 11 Mauro Alpha, Dalbe Augusto Original Mix

Gianluca Corsi

  • 01 Gianluca Corsi Items Original Mix
  • 02 Gianluca Corsi Like That Original Mix

Francesco Romano

  • 01 Francesco Romano Sinetrophia Original Mix
  • 02 Francesco Romano Chording Original Mix

Sergio Del Lago

  • 01 Sergio Del Lago Submarine Original Mix
  • 02 Sergio Del Lago Submarine Jacopo Ferrari Remix

Tony Dee, Jacopo Ferrari

  • 01 Tony Dee, Jacopo Ferrari Acting Out Original Mix
  • Reverse Records proudly presents the next release from Italian rising-star Tony Dee (Stereo Prod/Suara/Bitten) together with label master himself Jacopo Ferrari (Reverse/Monique/Natura Viva) with the powerfull 'Calling Out'. The Neapolitan master is definetly making a name from himselfIn the last couple of years. And 2015 was big too, having a massive list of plays and the heavy support from the biggest names in the scene such as Joseph Capriati, Loco Dice and Carl Cox just to name a few. He’s making bombs after bombs and the next one is NO exeption. His latest work with Jacopo Ferrari sees Tony alongside regular resident in Verona's most famous clubs who brings his infectious techy groove and rhythm. 'Calling Out' is the perfect fusion of sound from both techno & tech-house essential elements. Heading out with a classic rolling groove and a strong kick drum which perfectly matches together with a deep & sexy bassline, the track goes deeper and deeper. While the groove still going strong and the atmosphere evolves with hypnotizing vocals, housy hi-strings and dark and rumbling voice which totally takes the track into the next bigroom level. This is a must have. This is 'Jacopo Ferrari & Tony Dee - Calling Out'.

Hollen, Macromism, Alberto Tolo, Jacopo Ferrari, Andrew C, Mark Bauer

  • 01 Hollen Translate Original Mix
  • 02 Macromism Virgo Original Mix
  • 03 Angelo Raguso, Gregorio Serasin Brooklyn Alberto Tolo Remix
  • 04 Jacopo Ferrari, Andrew C New York City Original Mix
  • 05 Mark Bauer 808 Original Mix


  • 01 Mohabitat Deep Lies Original Mix
  • 02 Mohabitat The Outsider Original Mix


  • 01 Resonant Kompakt Original Mix
  • 02 Resonant Kompakt Untold

Jacopo Ferrari, Mauro Venti

  • 01 Jacopo Ferrari, Mauro Venti Natural Rythm Original Mix
  • 02 Jacopo Ferrari, Mauro Venti Evolution Original Mix


  • 01 Wurtz Primera Vez Original Mix
  • 02 Wurtz La Papaleta Original Mix
  • 03 Wurtz Primera Vez Mauro Venti Remix
  • 04 Wurtz Primera Vez Loui Fernandez Remix

Stefano Degani

  • 01 Stefano Degani Wicked Night Original
  • 02 Stefano Degani, Loft Project Control Original
  • written, mixed and produced by Stefano Degani for Reverse Music Label. Published by GioMBG sarl

Angelo Raguso, Gregorio Serasin

  • 01 Angelo Raguso, Gregorio Serasin Brooklyn Original Mix
  • 02 Angelo Raguso, Gregorio Serasin Brooklyn Alberto Tolo Remix
  • We are proud to announce our first release ever and it’s by two Italian young talents: Angelo Raguso (Hotfingers, Natura Viva) and Gregorio Serasin (Los Banditos, Yaiza Records). These guys joined their forces for ‘Brooklyn’ a deep house tune full of gloomy synths and dreary atmospheres which are matched together with a solid groove and an intimate bassline. The release also includes a remix from techno well-renowned producer Alberto Tolo which took the track into a big techno tune with gorgeous stabs and catchy vocals and makes of the original a perfect tune to destroy the dancefloor all around the world.


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